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Who We Are



A line of curiosity that transcends from day to dusk. 

 A collection of standout, unabashed pieces with unsurpassed quality. Unapologetically feminine, contemporary, but with  reminiscence of the opulence of a bygone era, Lionpalm champions Luxe maximalism. 

Trained in couturier and bespoke atelier at Edinburgh College of Art, Lionpalm’s designer, Kirsty Frew, pulls on her knowledge, enthusiasm and imagination taking refinery to a new, exciting level. 

Considerate of Innovative design, with hand- stitched detailing, antiquity and pure authenticity, each piece becomes unique in its evolution. 

A one-off to be collected. 

Informed by the collective wardrobe, Kirsty is fascinated by the women around her. She has learned the art of reinvention: a singular garment adapted and worn by many eclectic personalities - not out of place but reflective of each diverse identity.

 In tribute, Lionpalm combines and celebrates apparent divergent concepts: the space between demure and sultry; ferocious and tame; traditional yet contemporary.

Most importantly, Lionpalm enables and encourages you to indulge in all manner of wild thoughts and endless possibilities..