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MADE IN SCOTLAND: Designed and developed within the Glasgow studio, Lionpalm pursues hand crafted and small batch manufacturing here in Scotland. When our creativity take us beyond our own boundaries, the Lionpalm studio sources local and expert makers to maximise our designs.

THE ESSENTIALS: From wearable prototypes in reclaimed fabrics to Plastic-free packaging, Lionpalm strives to refine its impact on the environment where possible. Most significantly LIONPALM chosen to ignore the current fashion model by limiting production through Made-to-Order, Preventing overproduction. A simple concept, with a big impact.

COLLECTIVE WARDROBE: Informed by the collective wardrobe, Lionpalm teaches the art of reinvention: a singular garment adapted and worn by many eclectic personalities - not out of place but reflective of each diverse identity. Season-less and interchangeable Lionpalm invites you to share and re-ware.

SUPPLY: Our continued commitment to sensitive production extends beyond our studio and onto our suppliers. Lionpalm questions all suppliers on there social and environmental practices. Where there is room for improvement we work collaboratively to move forwards and elevate the fashion industry.

INCLUSIVE: Designer Kirsty has always had a strong connection to her own understanding of “feminine” as an aesthetic that reflects the present and reclaiming & re-defining the rules of the past. Lionpalm’s aesthetic is only a fragment and one portrayal of femininity that gives confidence, power and sensuality to it’s wearer regardless of race, gender, ability and shape.

Lionpalm’s Made-To-Order stance gives power to our consumers as we can offer limitless sizing and modification to allow for accessibility. Contact for a personal request.

BEYOND : Lionpalm has a continued committed to improving and evolving its ethical practice. With each collection resolve new challenges with considerate solutions. Through our customer and suppliers we seek to deepen our understanding and expand our actions through collaborative work, actions and conversations.